ARSmarts key benefits
Increase productivity, speed up development, deliver quality, cut frustrating work.

Navigate your AR System applications, visualize relationships, search AR System objects,…
By using ARSmarts, you increase your productivity and reduce the time necessary to implement new workflow or modify existing one.

In-depth understanding

You gain an in-depth understanding of the AR System applications in use at your company.
You deliver better quality work, as you can be absolutely certain that you master the complete flow of what the application does. No uncertainties anymore.

Search your AR System application

The frustrating work of manually searching through your ARS applications, opening tens and tens of windows, plowing through log files hoping to find relevant information,… is history. With ARSmarts, you obtain instantly the list of relevant objects (Filters, Active Links,…) that you need to modify.

For ITSM users

Would you like to better understand the exact effects of the ITSM configuration options?
Would you like to modify ITSM to better fit your needs, knowing exactly what the consequences of your changes might be?
ARSmarts can help you.
With ARSmarts, you gain a full understanding of the workflow attached to each Form and Field.

Generate project technical documentation

Combine ARSmarts Navigator with ARSmarts Documenter and automatically generate the technical documentation of your project:
Use the Navigator to identify the objects that were modified during the project,
and the Documenter to generate the documentation.

Export ITSM 7.X Definitions

ARSmarts is the only product capable of exporting ITSM 7.X definition (Source: ARSlist)
With ARSmarts, export operations can be scheduled to take place at night, during week-ends, ...
The ARSmarts Export module comes free with the evaluation version.