ARSmarts Features

Made by the team of experienced AR System experts who were behind MARS, ARSmarts is the essential companion for all ARSystem developers and ITSM system managers.
ARSmarts is a Windows application and can be downloaded from our download page. ARSmarts runs on your laptop or your desktop. It does not require a connection to an AR System server. ARSmarts reads .def files (created with AR Administrator or the new BMC developer studio).

Object browser

Once your .def file is loaded into ARSmarts, you can browse the AR System objects (Forms, Fields, Active Links, Filters,...) using our intuitive interface. The ARSmarts browser also displays relationships and cross-reference between objects.


Compare two or more AR System applications and display colour-coded, easy to read results. Ignore irrelevant information such as Help Text or Change History.


The Search functionality allows you to search through your entire workflow for specific character strings.

ARSmarts Documenter

Generate professional, customizable documentation for AR System objects.
Document the result of a Search or of a Compare operation.
Use ARSmarts documentation "as is", or give it your own corporate look.


Interactive graphical representation of relationships between the Forms of your application.
Navigate the Graph and open any object that is displayed to see the complete details, or simply print your graph for documentation reference.

Data Manager

Efficiently manage the data of your AR System. Search, create, modify records with a clear view on all data fields.
Features such as Copy-Paste (between Forms and between AR System Servers), .arx file viewers, ... are very useful for administrators of AR System applications (ITSM, SRM, custom-build, ...).


ARSmarts can help you export any BMC Remedy definition file, even full ITSM 7.X definition.
Export operations can be scheduled to take place regularly, outside working hours
The ARSmarts Export module comes free with the evaluation version.